CITEC internal environment


Our workplace is concentrated in three locations.
The working environments in the three locations are the same.
It is important to make every effort based on the company’s code of conduct, and the company strives to create an environment where you can work well.

Company environment

Office scenery

Educational environment

Software development work is closely related to society and needs to continue to learn new things in a wide range of areas, not just within a specific technology.
Educational activities are managed by the CITEC Board of Education, which consists of volunteers. At the beginning of the year, we analyzed the needs of our employees and society and developed a one-year course. Teachers are recruited from within the company. There are various types of execution activities, such as research groups and seminars. In addition, we will work with the personal goal management system to develop voluntary improvement for everyone.
In addition to providing unilateral training for the company, we are also proud of the manual education of employee volunteers (CITEC Board of Education).

Internal events

New Year’s party

Employee Travel

Social contribution activities

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