Solution consulting cases

CITEC not only develops contracts and offshore contracts, but also uses its own product development solutions. Below are some examples of consultation cases.

Support for embedded development without a development environment

The system is a built-in system for facility equipment that records the operational information of the transport bus.
Because it is a dedicated device, there is no development/verification environment for embedded software, but the virtual development/test environment is built using the technical capabilities of CITEC developers.
We are able to perform embedded development and testing of dedicated devices without any problems.

Established a development base in Tokyo to support short-term development

The system collects information about sensors such as energy and provides it to the user via a server on the network. Since the system is not suitable for offshore development after a firm specification, it is determined that the location must be physically close to the customer as the basis for development.
An offshore employee is on a short-term business trip to Japan for fast delivery and low-cost development.

Offshore development cases

With the strength of the CITEC Group, offshore development can be carried out in Dalian. Here are some examples of offshore development cases.

Offshore development reduced development time by one month

A large-scale sales support system used by many sales offices.
More than 10 SEs involved in the basic design can successfully prevent misunderstandings about the specifications by building and running a system that guides offshore development, and confirm the details with the manufacturer.
It was finished a month ahead of schedule.

Offshore team management significantly reduces development costs

This system is the development of ERP package including HR, salary, sales, OA and CRM.
CITEC conducts offshore manufacturing and unit testing in parallel with the customer’s detailed design process.
By dispatching BSE (Bridge SE) to the customer to manage the offshore team, the specifications created by the customer and the offshore developer can be smoothly linked.
The development cost has been significantly reduced compared to developing in oversea.

China Entry and Exit Advisory Service

It is possible to develop offshore in Dalian using the power of the CITEC Group.
Below are some examples of consultations to expand into China.

China's entry and exit consulting services for sports clubs

Before the opening of the Sakai Sports Club in Japan in China, CITEC provided support for negotiations with local banks during the pre-opening phase. In addition, the membership management system used in Japan has been modified to be used in China and introduced to stores.

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