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Common Problems

Q Where is the main work place?

CITEC office is in Dalian. In some cases, you may also work in Tokyo or other cities.

Q What is the job content?

In on-site development projects, we will be stationed at the customer site and design, develop and test with the customer.
In offshore development projects, after designing at the customer site, when developing and testing in China, as a bridge between SE and PG, we will communicate between the customer and the Chinese development team.

Q Can I continue my work if I transfer to Japan in the future?

Since the subsidiary is in Tokyo, it is possible to transfer within the company.

Q Please tell us about salary

Based on the results of the interview, we will make a comprehensive decision.
The salary increases and bonuses are determined by an annual interview using the target management system.

Q Please tell us about bonuses

Bonuses are paid once a year in March of the following year, taking into account the company’s performance and employee performance.

Q Please tell us about the dormitory and social insurance system

For housing in Japan, the company will prepare a company housing.
In addition, we accept consultation about whether or not to participate in social insurance.

Q Is there a path for future managers?

Our company is growing rapidly year by year and it is essential to expand our organization. Those who are willing to grow the company together may participate in management as future executives of the company.

Q Do you hire foreign engineers?

We do. However, if necessary, it is a prerequisite that you can be work in China.

Q Please tell us about the form of the recruitment contract

In addition to regular employees, we are also recruiting contract employees.

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