Human Resources


We are good at the reserve of high-end talents and are committed to hiring middle- and high-level talents quickly, taking advantage of the market opportunities.
We follow the principle of customer first, create a professional service talent recruitment team, to ensure customer satisfaction.

Customer First: We must pursue 100% customer satisfaction and make a commitment to our customers.
Professional focus: Focus on headhunting services and continuously improve professional service levels to provide a better service to customers.
Responsibilities: We are responsible headhunting company, responsible for promoting socio-economics, improving human resources for customers, promoting career development for human resources, and providing rewards to shareholders and employees.
Learning improvements: We provide customers with increasingly professional and fast headhunting services.
Win-Win Sharing: The win-win situation between customers and ourselves
is our goal, and ideally all our employees will be partners in the company.

HR Outsourcing

We aim to reduce labor costs and maximize efficiency. Providing perfection of the target enterprise’s human resource outsourcing process, helping the company to free itself from the complicated personnel management business, and fully devoting itself to to the core work of business management and market.

Our HR Outsourcing service is available regardless of the type of business, and HR management tools suitable for general employees, management and production managers are available. As a human capital strategy such as strategic HR management features and workforce analysis, companies can benefit more. At the same time, under a competitive system based on quantitative indicators, the best talent can be secured and their capabilities can be extracted.

Our HR Outsourcing service is as follows:

1) Human resource management

2) Recruitment

3) Job management / continuation plan


Our company has strong information and business support and a wide network of talent resources, so that you can receive professional, efficient, convenient and high-quality talent services. Through business process automation, you can reduce the cost and risk of employment, and you can achieve convenient performance management.

High quality total support

Language: COBOL, PL / 1, FORTRAN, JAVA, C, C #, VB, ASP,. NET, PHP, Perl, Ruby, etc.


Applications: Sales management, SAP / R / 3, embedded system, financial accounting, sales support, personal insurance related bank related, credit card related, securities related, etc.

Providing engineers in all processes from planning / requirement definition, design / development, testing, operation / maintenance

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