Human Resources

Personnel Agency

Entry & Departure Management

1) Labor contract management

2) Personnel files transferral (local / overseas / professional / demobilization / Graduates allocation)

3) Completion of employment contract and other contracts (non-competition / non-disclosure) with employee, receipt of employee’s signature on employee handbook and collection of detailed personal information from the employee for social insurance and housing fund registrations

4) Deregister terminated staff at the social insurance bureau and the housing fund bureau

5) Issue evidence of termination for terminated employees


1) Computation of annual average salary amounts for the previous year for each staff member, and registration of amendments to contribution bases for social insurance and housing fund

2) For marriage, birth, notary, calculating length of service and other evidence

Household Management

1) Of employees that satisfies the relationship conditions “Dalian tools residence proof”, introduced human resources, on behalf of the “workers alone on Dalian” procedure, “couple segregation Resolution” (worker himself on Dalian receipt procedure)

2) Dalian collective household registration enrollment procedures on behalf of employees that satisfy the relationship conditions

3) Agency procedures and stay a couple minutes, and his wife home-minute, post-doctoral family relocation, child on Dalian, such as collective household registration application: working families on Dalian Service

Personnel agency materials required to be prepared

・The copies of business entity business license duplicate or the copies of business entity certificate duplicate or the copies of approved file by higher authorities.

・Unit organization code certificate copy.

・List of the people who require personnel agency, and the unit name where files were stored in.

Process of personnel agency

・Come to our office make out a transfer letter, with your ID card and the agency introduction letter;

・Carry the original unit package files to our company, fill out the registration and pay file management fees if the files match conditions;

・The file will be returned  to original unit ,if the filing does not meet company conditions.

Enterprise commissioned personnel agency services and content

Service ItemsService content
Collection and payment of Social Security Insurance (may contain pension, medical, work injury, unemployment, maternity, etc., according to the relevant provisions of the local social insurance payment);
Housing fund collection and payment
Monthly fee to the company, on behalf of the Company to pay the social insurance IESS and unified agent accounts or transferring social security information; monthly fee charged by the company, on-time payment to the housing fund management center staff provident fund.
Payroll, withhold and pay individual income taxMonthly schedule and accurate payment of wages to employees, withhold and pay personal income tax.
personal file(dang an) ManagementTo provide staff with a unified archive services
Agencies in the labor dispute casesFor the customer risk prevention, early prevention of risk of labor disputes arise, when there is a labor dispute, we have a strong legal team for customers to solve a variety of difficult issues.
Labor law advice and provide enterprises with emergency treatment recommendationsAll year round to provide professional consulting business and labor law firm to handle emergencies collaboration
A variety of agency personnel procedures(Related to the Bureau of Labor, Bureau of Personnel and other state organs and the costs incurred must then make individual charges) based on various types of personnel files issued proof; providing job classification / Notary / seniority validation / retirement and other personnel services; handle graduates receive / positive definite level procedure, returned students / reception formalities demobilized cadres
Agency services a variety of documents(Need to pay for the costs of accreditation agencies or employees be paid by the company) for employees handling employee badges; apply for passports / exit permits; for qualified staff for the work residence permit.
Staff supplementary medical insuranceEmergency Department staff I reimbursed 90% and 100% of hospital reimbursement, 5000 cap
Personal Accident InsuranceMainland Chinese yuan 60,000 yuan disease Genki death benefit, 6,000 yuan accident medical
Staff annual physical examinationStaff are available in each calendar year at a specified time to the designated hospital for comprehensive medical examination once

Procedure of employer personnel agency

・Have business license copy of the employer, corporate seal, corporate seal, and then entered into the personnel services company, “company commissioned personnel agency contract”.

・We will provide the personnel roster filled out in detail the company name, such as name and registration matters.

Significance and strength of the temporary staffing business

・It is possible to take advantage of the expertise

・There is no ambiguity work because it is determined by the contract

・Way of working that suits your style can be

・We can use as a step to full-time

・I will increase the competitive advantage of the core business

・Low cost can be achieved by adopting more employees

・Delivery of artifacts are also expected delivery date

Payroll Outsourcing

Benefits outsourcing contents
Are as the following business content of benefits outsourcing services:
(1)Personnel service
(2)Public housing fund and social insurance
(3)Employees Archive
(4)Replenishment benefits management
(5)The other work on the welfare management

The meaning of Benefits outsourcing 
We can by welfare benefits outsourcing, the employee to focus on job responsibilities in the company.

Payroll outsourcing content
・Compensation Management
1) Payroll, personal income tax tax agency
2) Foreign workers payroll agency
3) Foreign currency salary payments abroad
・Financial declaration agency
1) Tax teller agency
2) Personal income tax return calculation, 120,000 yuan personal income tax return
・Financial management
1) Administrative cost reimbursement
2) Door-to-door financial services
・Bookkeeping agency
Accounting bookkeeping agency

Cause of the salary outsourcing
The introduction of outsourcing, such as flow? Operating system? Organization to handle the business, reform of all aspects, improvement is made. The task flow resulting through these is a speedy process also, accuracy will be improved greatly. In addition, delivery of artifacts will also be date as delivery, business operations efficient is possible.
In addition to cost savings of the target application is achieved by reforming operations existing flow, to improve, by advancing the wide unity of this flow, the effect is even greater. Further, by the “variable costs” the cost has been and fixed costs, it enables flexibility in the operation flow until now.

Significance of salary outsourcing
The change in variable costs fixed costs, it can measure the cost reduction
When needed, could you provide just enough, the necessary skills
We can focus your resources on core competencies? Core business
We can accept the work that has been standardized in the industry
We can take advantage of the expertise is not in the house
We will increase the competitive advantage of the core business
You can lower cost than employing employees

Dalian Hukou

Dalian collective household registration procedures

Ⅰ. Education background:

Condition: below 35 years old full-time junior college graduates; Bachelor degree under 40 years old


1. Sign labor contract with the employer and pay social insurance before operation

2. Verification by the police station where the employer’s registered address is located (CITEC assisted verification)

3. Come to our company to sign an agreement, open a letter of introduction and pay the fees after meeting the requirements

4. Make an appointment with the police station to settle down


1. Household register and resident identity card of the applicant (over the age of 16)

2. Certificate of marital status (unmarried can be written at the police station)

3. Graduation certificate (prepare user name and password for studious credit network login in advance)

4. Collective household registration first page (copies with official seal are also approved)

5. Agreement and letter of introduction signed with our company

6. Submit other procedures according to different situations:

(1) the household registration for the city’s colleges and new district graduates, the submission of the “college and secondary school graduates household registration certificate”; This year’s graduate whose domicile place is the collective registered permanent residence of students in other provinces should submit the certificate of registered permanent residence transfer handled by the local police station of the university.

(2) the accompanying spouse and children and the applicant’s household registration is not in the same place, the submission of spouse and children “resident household register” and children “birth medical certificate” or other procedures to prove the kinship;

(3) for those who have returned from studying abroad, they shall submit the notarial certificate of foreign academic qualifications and degrees issued by the overseas study service center of the Ministry of Education;

(4) the Ministry of Education credit network can not query the information of academic qualifications, must submit the certificate report of higher education qualifications in China

5 follow the spouse to have a job in dalian, submit the city labor contract and social insurance payment details; If there is no occupation, the applicant shall submit employment and entrepreneurship certificate or employment and unemployment registration certificate (if the domicile is a rural area and the “service place” or “occupation” column of the household register is not registered with employment information, the applicant shall not submit).

6 is labor dispatch or outsourcing company agent to pay social insurance, also should provide both sides dispatch agreement or social insurance belt education agreement

(7) the following children for 8 years of age or above did not reach the legal age of marriage of ordinary full-time students, submit the school credit network school roll query record, can not be found to submit “school roll certificate”

Note: one copy of all the above materials except the cover (the labor contract only copies party a and party b, the registration place, the period of validity and the signature page) (if the two parties are married, they should bring their id CARDS, household register book and marriage certificate)

Ⅱ. Newborn settlement:

Condition: either parent has been registered in our company


1. Come to our company to sign an agreement, open a letter of introduction and pay the fees according to the conditions and relevant materials

2. Make an appointment with the police station to settle down


1. Household register of newborn parents, id card and marriage certificate (original and copy)

2. Medical certificate of newborn birth (original)

3. Residence notice (original) or birth registration form (original and copy) stamped with the seal of the family planning department of the high-tech park

4. If the parents of the newborn are of different nationalities, they should ask for and fill in the application form of national composition of the newborn from the police.

5. Agreement and letter of introduction signed with our company

6, the high-tech park housing property bureau and dalian real estate bureau out of the housing registration information query records.

Ⅲ.Fees for household registration (household registration with education background and household registration with newborn babies)

Charging projects

Charge standard


Collective household registration

300 RMB/year

The first year fee is not refundable, from the next year within 3 months by the monthly payment, more than 3 months charge the whole year fee

Policy may change from time to time, there are special circumstances please enter this website online consultation column for advice

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